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BigEasy™, Brightly colored, pink powder coating or glow-in-the-dark yellow Allows you to see in the dark or through tinted windows. DATA SHEET Manufacture STECK Length...
Steck Door Tools Big Easy™ Extend Unlock Long reach
A snap on accessory that fits any BigEasy™ (long reach bar). Provides an extra 12 inches in length to get out of reach items. Glows...
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Glow-in-the-dark yellow allows you to see your tools through window tint or at night. Easy wedge offers a controlled opening of car door for inserting...
Metro Chrome Long Reach Door Tool Metro Chrome Long Reach Door Tool
The Metro Chrome Long Reach Door Tool measures 57” in length to give you that extra reach on the job. Made with chrome, this tool...
Metro Complete Unlock/Lockout Kit Metro Complete Unlock/Lockout Kit
This kit includes 5 items, a 55" unlock bar, an inflatable wedge, a door wedge, a paint protector and a lock knob lifter. DATA SHEET...
Metro Inflatable Air Wedge Metro Inflatable Air Wedge
The Metro Inflatable Air Wedge comes packed with an easy to use handle to pump air in your wedge helping you create space to use...
Metro Paint Protector
The Metro Paint Protector helps you during your lockout, made to fit in most cars to prevent any paint rubbing onto a vehicle 
Metro Plastic Lock Strip
The Metro Plastic Lock Strip helps you during your lockout to raise locks on many window controls. 
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